Constant Reminders – Staying in Compliance

By Michael Rozum, Advisor at acumen

It often feels like technology can be both a blessing and a curse. A curse some days… searching for that coveted work-life balance, trying to unplug to be truly present for the important people in our lives. A blessing other days… when it helps us keep up with our fast-paced world, providing a wealth of information at our fingertips.

Most of us rely on technology to organize our days and to be as efficient as possible, all while juggling the many hats we wear at work and at home. Whether it be Outlook, a task or list app, Google or Apple calendar, these types of “assistants” can be vital to staying on top of it all. With so much going on in our lives and at such a rapid pace, it’s imperative that we have people or systems in place to remind us of the important dates and tasks that need to be completed.

Staying organized and on top of important tasks can be a struggle for Benefit Administrators and Human Resource Managers as well. As their roles require them to wear multiple hats within an organization, it can be very difficult to stay ahead of the filings and notices that are required when administering an employee benefits plan. Beyond the plethora of notices provided to employees at open enrollment, a wide range of other compliance items and activities are required throughout the year as well, including:

  • ACA Reporting and Filing
  • Form 5500 Filing
  • PCORI Fee Filing
  • Medicare Part D Reporting & Disclosures
  • Annual SPD & COBRA Notices

At acumen, we work diligently to assist our clients in establishing a Compliance Calendar using our Wisdom Network, an online resource for HR administration. We strive to make sure our clients know what reporting is applicable to their organization and when it is required. This Compliance Calendar tool, in addition to reminders from the acumen team, provides clients with peace of mind, knowing they won’t miss an important deadline.

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