Webinar: All Things COBRA

During our September 2020 webinar, we talked about All Things COBRA. COBRA (The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) requires employers to offer a continuation of group health benefits when a qualified event occurs (such as job loss) for qualified beneficiaries (such as workers and their families). While it can be…
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Webinar: 2020 HRA Overview

Our August webinar covered the info employers need to know in 2020 when it comes to their Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) including: HRA Overview Types of HRAs 2020 Final Regulations ICHRA EBHRA If you missed the live session or would like to revisit it, use this link to access the…
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Webinar: An Employer’s Guide to HSAs

What is an HSA? Health Savings Accounts can be complex for employers and employees. Our July 2020 installment of the acumen Webinar Series explained the HSA to make it easier for employers to administer these plans. Our discussion items included: Eligibility and Participation Contributions HSA administration CARES Act Updates If…
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COVID-19 Update from acumen

  As always, acumen is committed to excellent service to our valued clients. Rest assured, in the event that any of our office locations find the need to temporarily close as a concern related to the COVID-19 virus, your service will not be disrupted. We will maintain operations by utilizing…
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Webinar: FMLA Facts & Fiction

What is FMLA? Which employers are required to offer FMLA? Get up to speed on the Family & Medical Leave Act when you view this recording of our April webinar: FMLA Facts & Fiction. During this 30 minute webinar, we unraveled some of the misconceptions about the Family & Medical…
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Health Benefits Terminology… Explained!

Deductible… coinsurance… out-of-pocket. What do these terms mean? More importantly, how do these terms impact what you’ll pay for health care? In order to understand how your insurance company covers your claims and determine what you will owe to your healthcare provider, it can be helpful to first understand these terms.…
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Webinar: Medicare and Your Employees

Curious about Medicare and how it works? Take a look at this recording of our Medicare and Your Employees webinar. This 30 minute webinar explored the key elements relating to Medicare and your employees, such as: Medicare ABCs Delaying Medicare Group Coverage – Changes After 65 Primary vs Secondary Payer…
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Webinar: Be Renewal Wise

Ever wonder what to expect when you’re expecting an insurance renewal? Take a look at our Be Renewal Wise webinar recording! This 30 minute webinar explores topics to help employers successfully navigate the benefits renewal process, such as: Renewal process timeline What to consider prior to your renewal What to…
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Webinar: COBRA vs State Continuation

Determining if your company is subject to COBRA or State Continuation regulations and what it means in either situation can be tricky. This recording of our COBRA vs State Continuation webinar will help you navigate through the maze of this topic. This webinar provides an explanation of continuation of coverage…
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